Cable Terminals

Cable Terminals

Cable Terminals


In the dynamic realm of electrical and electronic systems, reliable connections are the backbone of seamless operations. Stokes Cable Lugs emerge as the forefront solution, redefining the standards of connectivity through innovation and precision engineering.

A cable lug might appear as a simple component, but it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the flow of power and signals with utmost efficiency and safety. Stokes Cable Lugs embody a fusion of cuttingedge technology and decades of expertise, offering a comprehensive range of lugs meticulously designed to cater to diverse applications.

Our Expertise

In the Field of Cable Terminals.

Designed with Excellence

Each Stokes Cable Lug is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Crafted from high-quality materials, these lugs exhibit exceptional conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability, ensuring a prolonged lifecycle and consistent performance even in challenging environments.

Diverse Applications

Stokes Cable Lugs find their application across industries ranging from power distribution, telecommunications, automotive, renewable energy, to industrial manufacturing. The versatility of our lugs stems from their compatibility with various cable types and sizes, facilitating seamless integration into different systems.

Safety First

We understand the criticality of secure connections in preventing hazardous incidents. Stokes Cable Lugs come equipped with advanced safety features that minimize the risk of loosening, overheating, and subsequent failures. Our commitment to safety extends to compliance with international standards and regulations, providing you with peace of mind in every connection made.

Ease of Installation

Recognizing the value of time in fast-paced industries, Stokes Cable Lugs are designed for quick and hassle-free installation. The user-friendly design ensures a snug fit, reducing installation time while maintaining the highest quality connection.

Innovation at the Core

Stokes Cable Lugs stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation. We continuously explore new materials, manufacturing techniques, and designs to stay at the forefront of connectivity solutions, consistently exceeding customer expectations.


Stokes Cable Lugs symbolize the convergence of reliability, innovation, and safety in the realm of electrical connections. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for a connected world, we invite you to experience the unparalleled performance of our cable lugs, empowering your systems with seamless and efficient connectivity. Trust Stokes Cable Lugs for connections that last, connections that matter.


Cable Terminals

Entire range of Copper Terminals are made from ETP Grade copper as per IS-191 / IS-1897 which is duly tested as per BS-EN61238 Standards at Electrical Testing Center in Vadodara

Entire range of Aluminium Terminals are made from IS-5082 grade Aluminium and duly type tested as per IS-8309 standards at Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA)

IDENTIFICATION : All our terminals have “STOKES” marking with the cable size (in along with stud hole size for easier identification.

Cable Terminals


Tubular Type
Terminals Ends

Widely used series for soldering or solderless crimping application made from AI & Cu. Standards followed are IS, BS & DIN.

Ring Tongue
Terminal Ends

Generally used along with control cables. Various shapes can
be made & stud holes as per requirement can be made.

Reducer Type

This series is recommended for usage in fuse gears, ICTP Switches, Watt meters etc.

Pin Type
Terminal Ends

Termination in terminal blocks is being done with pin type terminal ends. Widely used in control panel wiring. Noninsulated, insulated & pre- insulated versions are available.

Fork Type Terminal Ends

Fixing arrangement of LV/MV switchgears of different manufactures varies & hence to suit those application forks type terminal ends are designed.

In Line Connectors

For enabling straight through joints of aluminum or copper cables in-line connectors are widely used.

Bimetallic Terminals

Bimetallic Lugs are mostly useful where an aluminum cablehas to be terminated by a copper bus bar or copper contact. If Cable Lugs of only copper or aluminum are used , a galvanic action occurs due to dissimilar contact. The use of bimetallic lugs thus ensures a technically sound and durable joint.

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